Separation anxiety is an anxiety disorder in dogs when they are left alone.   Most commonly called “Separation Anxiety”, most dogs actually have Isolation Distress.  Dogs with true separation anxiety are attached to one person and panic when they are not with that person.  Dogs with isolation distress do not show symptoms as long as there is at least one person around.   

Symptoms include: 

  • barking
  • howling
  • scratching
  • destroying property
  • pooping and peeing inside
  • hurting themselves
  • not eating while you are away
  • panting
  • excessive drooling
  • pacing

Separation anxiety symptoms in dogs are similar to panic attacks in humans.   Left untreated the behaviors often worsen.   

Just like it is hard for a human to control their behavior when they are panicking, dogs also have very little control over what they do when they panic.   Dogs don’t perform these behaviors out of spite, they are simply unable to do anything else. 

Many dogs with separation anxiety have experienced multiple re-homing incidents, changes in family structure such as birth, death or departure, or may have noise phobia.    Even very young puppies can exhibit signs of the panic disorder.  Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers have worked with breeders before the puppies even leave the litter to help them learn early on that being alone is ok. 

If your dog is showing any signs of separation anxiety reach out for help now.  The sooner you get help, the sooner you and your dog can have a life.  Separation Anxiety is not hopeless, Head Over Heels can help!

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