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Bev is such an excellent trainer! Our dog Penny had gone to different training before working with Head Over Heels, so she already had the basics down, but Bev really helped us tweak a few habits in only one session! I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels like they need help with training because she explains the steps so clearly and makes the whole process easy and not stressful. Who knew dog training could actually be fun??  Kristi T

Cute Dog

Beverly was absolutely wonderful with our yellow labs Bruce and Lloyd. She trained them with us at our home which was very convenient. After just a few sessions these guys have learned to sit down touch and walk on leash avoiding distractions!!! We have the tools to continue the training on our own each week in between her visits!! We highly recommend her! Danielle and Robin

Cute  Beaglier

Beverly worked with our dog Dean. He is nervous around strangers. She gave us great tips to use and Dean was eating out of her hand. She is great with dogs!  Cheryl

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